Second Graders Practice their Financial Literacy with Ally Bank

On Friday, April 16th, our second grade students attended an exciting introductory lesson on finances which was hosted by Ms. Dana Sanker, the Chief Financial Officer at Ally Financial. Through this presentation, our students learned about the importance of beginning a savings account, collecting interest, and being able to differentiate between wants and needs. Ms. Sanker taught students about these concepts through a virtual picture book as well as an engaging game of jeopardy.

Ms. Sanker shared her screen to read aloud from a picture book titled Adventures with Money: Emma and the Cosmophone. This book shared the story of a young girl named Emma who learns about hard work, starting a bank account, earning interest, and spending her money wisely in order to eventually afford a “Cosmophone”. After reading the story, students were divided into two different groups for a game of jeopardy which included questions about important topics from the book. Our students were eager to answer questions about the story in order to put their knowledge to the test. Some of the questions were “What helped Emma decide to start working and save money?”, “What is the difference between a need and a want?”, and “What is interest?”

Mrs. Shirley-Clarke, a Hyde elementary teacher who facilitated this event, reflected on the valuable lessons our students learned when stating, “Events like these are super important to our scholars’ growth. It is not just building wise minds, but character…. Scholars got a chance to understand that being financially aware can start at a young age.” Ms. Sanker’s storybook and interactive game encouraged our students to listen to, learn about, and engage with important financial topics. Events like these help to teach our students necessary life skills from a young age which they can hone as they grow. Special thanks to Ms. Dana Sanker from Ally Financial for showing us that students of all ages can begin to practice financial literacy in unique and playful ways!