Parent Celebration Night 2021: An Evening Honoring Hyde’s Parents as Superstars and Superheroes

On the evening of June 8th, over 150 Hyde parents and faculty came together (virtually) to enjoy 2021’s Parent Celebration Night! At Hyde, we recognize the ways in which our parents go above and beyond to make their children feel supported and encouraged throughout their academic lives. With this in mind, the evening was double-themed as it credited Hyde parents as being superstars and superheroes.

The celebration included group dance parties, a series of videos thanking parents for their perseverance, awards ceremonies, and entertaining games. While Hyde encourages authenticity, character development, and resourcefulness in our students, this evening was used as an opportunity to honor the ways in which our community’s parents have also exemplified these qualities throughout the pandemic. With this in mind, parents were nominated for awards such as Best at Being Your Authentic Self, Best at Exploring Your Potential, Best at Asking for Help, and more. 

Parent Celebration Night was a successful evening filled with fun, laughs, and uplifting sentiments. At the event’s conclusion, one parent expressed their gratitude when saying, “Thank you for this amazing tribute. I feel seen as a parent.” Hyde’s hardworking and supportive parents deserve to feel seen and appreciated each and every day. We look forward to hopefully hosting Parent Celebration Night in person next year and can’t wait to see what our families will continue to accomplish.