Middle School Parent Discovery Night Spotlight

On Tuesday, April 13th, Hyde’s parents/guardians joined K-12 faculty members for a virtual Parent Discovery Night filled with exploration of personal identity and discussions of the pandemic’s effects on daily life. Below is a glimpse into the way our middle school partnered with parents/ guardians during the event.

Led by our Director of Home and School Partnerships, Ms. Yvonnia Wise, the night began with introductions and opening remarks which congratulated both faculty and parents for their hard work and outstanding dedication to Hyde’s students throughout this challenging school year. Ms. Wise then facilitated a full group activity titled “Look at Me Now!” during which parents and faculty members were instructed to draw a self-portrait that reflected aspects of their identities that they are proud of as well as goals that they have for the future. This exercise served to highlight the mission of the night which was to designate time for both parents and faculty to focus on themselves in a safe and inviting environment.

After drawing their self-portraits, parents and faculty members split into small breakout rooms where teachers facilitated open and honest seminar discussions about how the pandemic has affected them. By asking self-reflective questions about how COVID-19 has changed their lives, teachers and parents were able to learn more about each other, connect with one another, and share their triumphs as well as their struggles. After these conversations, the faculty members in each breakout room facilitated short games in their small groups. Together, parents and teachers played games like Two Truths and a Lie, Would You Rather, and Zoom scavenger hunts. Upon reflecting on the event’s successes, one parent described, “Preparation and presentation were what made playing the games so enjoyable, fun and relaxing.”

By taking the time out of their busy schedules to have some fun and self-reflect, Hyde’s parents and faculty members were able to connect and bond with one another in an open and engaging environment. One of our participating parents explained that they “feel such a stronger connection to the community of Hyde parents” after the night’s events. This positive feedback shows that events like Parent Discovery Night uphold Hyde’s mission to always provide a safe space for self-exploration, not only for our students but also for their parents and guardians who are crucial members of our community.