Middle School Completes a 2nd Successful J-Term

Gael Ortiz (right) and Casting Director and Development Producer Meghan Griffin (left), on facetime with an LA partner of DIGA/Coburn Communications.

When I Grow Up

During this year’s middle school J-Term, student Gael Ortiz had the opportunity to shadow  Casting Director and Development Producer Meghan Griffin from the media company, DIGA/Coburn Communications. Which allowed Gael to explore his interest in becoming an actor or movie editor. 

That afternoon Gael was able to meet with several members of the main division in the film production such as the casting directors, film editors, the production manager, and the development team. He also went behind the scenes to see the production and edits of the series, “Hot Ones”, the Youtube hot wings eating game show. 

Gael got very comfortable throughout the course of the shadowing and was highly interested in the editing department and process. He learned that failure is to be expected in this industry, numerous ideas get scrapped, and that editing is extremely tedious. Nonetheless, Gael was curious to learn more, and asked great questions to everyone there.