‘I can stand up to anyone and anything in my way’: Women in the World Conference Empowers Hyde Student Leaders

Women in the World

By Alyssa Soto, Hyde Class of 2019

“Why I say I’m the most beautiful because, in the eyes of my son, I am a beautiful mother. In the eyes of my mother, I am a beautiful daughter. In the eyes of my husband, I am a beautiful wife. Never let people tell you that you’re ugly.”

“The government called me ‘Ugly Duckling’ they don’t know even the end of the story of [the] Ugly Duckling”

These are the words said by Masih Alinejad, an Iranian women’s rights activist who is currently fighting for gender equity in her country.  Ms. Alinejad bravely shared with us her experience of being attacked by a man in London.

Ms. Alinejad is just one of the many women at the 2019 Women in the World Summit that really truly hit me and inspired me to try and take a stand. In the 6 hours I spent at the summit, I learned so much. I left that auditorium feeling as though I could stand up to anyone and everyone that stands in my way.

The conference taught me many things that you don’t learn in school. For example, the exploitation of women and girls around the world; that women are twice as likely as men to develop a form of dementia or Alzheimer’s disease; that more women hold higher levels of degrees than men. There were so many more important things that I never knew before that day. We also go to hear from many female CEOs and founders that hold such power and inspire so many people! 

This experience was single-handedly one of the most empowering and most inspiring experiences of my life. I feel honored and privileged just for being able to say that I was given this opportunity to attend. I left that auditorium feeling as though I can stand up to anyone and anything in my way.

*Special thank you to Wilmington Trust for sponsoring this opportunity!