Hyde’s Agents of Change, Advocacy Group Meets with Congressman Ritchie Torres, NOAA Administrator Richard Spinrad, and Other Climate Advocates


“After hearing your students speak, I can see something special is happening at Hyde”- Congressman Ritchie Torres.

High schoolers in Hyde’s social advocacy group, Agents of Change met with Congressman Torres, Richard Spinrad (Executive Administrator of NOAA), and other community members invested in discussing climate change at @thepointcdc . Seniors Aleeka Prophet, Andrelis Pena, and Fatoumata Cisse spoke on how climate change has impacted their lives and posed ideas for how to improve the local environment.

After the meeting, Richard Spinrad stated, “In all my years in DC, I’ve never gotten as clear a response as I did from these three students.” @thepointcdc staff member, Dariella Rodriguez added, “There is a reason why young people have made change throughout history all over the world. We can break the cycle of thinking that young people don’t care.”

We’re so inspired by our young climate advocates for speaking up and building relationships with national policy makers and shakers!