Hyde’s Elementary Students Celebrate Earth Day

Happy Earth Day! To celebrate our planet, Hyde’s elementary students enjoyed this week’s sunny weather and planted seeds outside during recess. Through this activity, students learned more about the importance of Earth’s natural processes and resources. By carefully potting their seeds, nourishing them with water, and personalizing their plant’s cups with hand-drawn decorations, students were able to foster a more personal connection with nature. One of our 3rd graders, Denisse Urbina Diaz, expressed excitement about her seeds when saying, “I’m having fun because now I get a flower friend!… I’ll name it Flowie!” Another student, Leysha Suarez, explained that Earth Day is a day for us to “make a team so that everyone can gather up and help the Earth.” By taking the time out of their weeks to plant seeds, our elementary schoolers were able to learn more about Earth Day, honor our planet, make new “flower friends”, and reflect on the ways that we can all team up to better our environment.