Councilmember Rafael Salamanca Signs $1.5 Million Check for 730 Bryant Avenue Renovations

Last year, over 788 community members came together to sign a petition to renovate our auditorium. This petition supported a lengthy campaign led by our families, including former Hyde parent Patricia Rodas and her friend Estela Medel. On June 11th, thanks to our community’s efforts, Councilmember Salamanca presented a check for 1.5 million dollars to renovate the 730 Bryant Avenue auditorium and playground! Mr. Salamanca’s check presentation was welcomed with vibrant dance performances from Hyde’s 3rd Grade Dance Company along with speeches from students, staff, and community members.

Patricia Rodas wrote a letter to be read during Councilmember Salamanca’s visit, in which she explains, “The renovation of the auditorium and playground will benefit over 1,400 students, over 250 teachers/staff, and 1,000 families in Hunts Point. The auditorium is the epicenter of the school and is used for classes, major performances, graduations, and student award assemblies.” 3rd grader Mikayla Johnson also presented a speech during which she articulated, “You really are helping our community. I can’t wait to see the changes… You’re helping us because we’ll have more places to play, perform and practice.” Ms. Rodas and Mikayla’s sentiments highlight the impact of this contribution on spaces of 730 Bryant Avenue which are dedicated to play and performance – two creative areas that are vital towards Hyde’s mission of fostering character development. 

Students left the event feeling inspired by Councilmember Salamanca’s leadership and excited for the upcoming renovations. We are immensely grateful for Councilmember Salamanca’s continuous partnership and generosity.

Read Patricia Rodas’ entire letter here: