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New York Road Runners Initiative

Our Rising Road Runners getting ready to exercise with a fun game of Card Cardio. Hyde’s elementary students are practicing their running skills this fall through Mighty Milers, a New York Road Runners initiative designed to help our students develop the ability, confidence, and desire to be physically active for life. While working diligently on […]

The 6th Grade’s Virtual Health Fair

Class 603’s group of City Planners presenting their ideas towards building a community that prioritizes a healthier lifestyle.   Raising Health Awareness in Our Community  This past October, the middle school hosted a Virtual Health Fair, where our 6th graders showcased their project presentations on the health issues prevalent in our community. The Health Fair […]

Teaching to Conscience: The Bronx River Project Freshmen Symposium Showcases Interdisciplinary Activism

 At the beginning of the school year teachers across many disciplines discussed doing an interdisciplinary project with the freshmen. Science department chair, Colleen Brosnan took the lead in the project. Ms. Brosnan and other teachers including history teacher, Grace Mason decided to do the project on the Bronx River to bring a community aspect to […]