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Councilmember Rafael Salamanca Signs $1.5 Million Check for 730 Bryant Avenue Renovations

Last year, over 788 community members came together to sign a petition to renovate our auditorium. This petition supported a lengthy campaign led by our families, including former Hyde parent Patricia Rodas and her friend Estela Medel. On June 11th, thanks to our community’s efforts, Councilmember Salamanca presented a check for 1.5 million dollars to […]

11th Grader Wins First Place at Bronx Rotary Club’s 2021 Essay Competition

  Last week, 11th grader Jeleny Mendoza won first place in the Bronx Rotary Club’s 2021 Essay Writing Competition which was in honor of the organization’s founder, Bea Castiglia Catullo. Students were asked to write about how they’ve seen leadership and perseverance in their communities and within themselves during the COVID-19 pandemic. Read Jeleny’s award-winning […]

Hyde Community Comes Together Through Food and Flowers

On Friday, May 7th, Hyde hosted a community food giveaway outside of our high school building which provided food boxes to 925 Hyde and Hunts Point community members. Hyde also distributed direct cash assistance for groceries to 300 family members thanks to a special partnership with the Robin Hood Foundation. Through the teamwork of our […]

Second Graders Practice their Financial Literacy with Ally Bank

On Friday, April 16th, our second grade students attended an exciting introductory lesson on finances which was hosted by Ms. Dana Sanker, the Chief Financial Officer at Ally Financial. Through this presentation, our students learned about the importance of beginning a savings account, collecting interest, and being able to differentiate between wants and needs. Ms. […]

Hyde’s Elementary Students Celebrate Earth Day

Happy Earth Day! To celebrate our planet, Hyde’s elementary students enjoyed this week’s sunny weather and planted seeds outside during recess. Through this activity, students learned more about the importance of Earth’s natural processes and resources. By carefully potting their seeds, nourishing them with water, and personalizing their plant’s cups with hand-drawn decorations, students were […]

Middle School Parent Discovery Night Spotlight

On Tuesday, April 13th, Hyde’s parents/guardians joined K-12 faculty members for a virtual Parent Discovery Night filled with exploration of personal identity and discussions of the pandemic’s effects on daily life. Below is a glimpse into the way our middle school partnered with parents/ guardians during the event. Led by our Director of Home and […]