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Leadership and Courage: The Hyde 101 New Faculty Retreat

At the end of August, new faculty embarked on a Hyde right of passage: Hyde 101. Hyde 101 is a Hyde signature practice where faculty communally explore their character on a three-day retreat. The purpose  is for faculty to engage in a reflective, restorative, and informational experience, so they return to Hyde with a deeper […]

Class of 2019 Rocks: Thomas Sturtevant’s Graduation Speech

At the beginning of your freshman year, Jalen Rice walked into my office and said, “Hey Mister, this is nice! …So much light!…. What’s with all those rocks?” She was referring to a collection of rocks that decorate my window sill and conference table. I replied to Jalen, “Those are my rocks; I have collected […]

How Will You Make History? Hyde Celebrates Black History Month

    3rd grader Starr Uwoghiren was especially excited for school on the morning of the Elementary School Black History Showcase. Not only was she emceeing the show, but she would be officiating the assembly in her traditional Ghanaian gown. “I wanted to wear it because I wanted to show people how it’s beautiful to […]

Unlocking Unique Potential: Hyde Launches J-Term

 8th graders Shamel Lucas and Sebastian Perez know how to wire the interior of a home and wire a security camera. Shamel and Sebastian have also received their OSHA-10 certifications, which is the official certificate of competency issued under the Occupational Safety and Health Act. These valuable skills and certification represent the tremendous success of […]