Seals, Rays, and Sharks, Oh My!: Hyde’s Summer Program Students Visit the Maritime Aquarium in Norwalk Connecticut

Last Wednesday, the students of Hyde’s Summer Enrichment Program ventured out of the Bronx to visit Norwalk, Connecticut’s renowned Maritime Aquarium. Our elementary school students learned about marine life during this field trip by getting up close and personal with a diverse array of ocean residents – from seals, starfish, and otters to stingrays, jellyfish, and sharks! Our students had been studying ocean life this summer by learning about different species of marine animals such as sharks. Before visiting the aquarium, “They drew pictures and wrote sentences about what they might see at the aquarium and what they were most excited to see,” notes elementary teacher, Yashica Goulbourne.

Ms. G continues to explain, “Field trips such as this one enrich and expand the knowledge students already have while strengthening their observation skills. It provided a great social experience for students who have been deprived of that interaction because of remote learning. Learning for them has been visual for over a year and the experience at the aquarium allowed them to touch, feel, and listen.” One of our elementary schoolers shared, “My favorite part was when I got to touch the stingrays because it was the first time I got to touch a sea animal!” The Maritime Aquarium offered our students many different ways to interact with animals, encouraging them to respect the environment and its inhabitants. Visiting the aquarium to learn more about marine life and ecosystems reaffirms Hyde’s mission to continuously offer students opportunities to practice curiosity and experience new things.