New York Road Runners Initiative

Our Rising Road Runners getting ready to exercise with a fun game of Card Cardio.

Hyde’s elementary students are practicing their running skills this fall through Mighty Milers, a New York Road Runners initiative designed to help our students develop the ability, confidence, and desire to be physically active for life. While working diligently on their academics, students are also staying active and healthy virtually with Mighty Milers. 

Latea O’Kane, K-1 Academic Dean, one of 4 head coaches for this program said, “I believe the earlier you have healthy habits the better off you will be as an adult. It is amazing to see the consistency of kids who show up to the meetings. This means they are already forming good habits because they are committed to their health and learning more ways to be fit.“ 

This is a perfect example of our students building their character by showing concern for their health. It’s great to see how they are taking advantage of this initiative virtually. Their unwavering motivation shows that we all can live a healthy lifestyle!

The 6th Grade’s Virtual Health Fair

Class 603’s group of City Planners presenting their ideas towards building a community that prioritizes a healthier lifestyle.  

Raising Health Awareness in Our Community 

This past October, the middle school hosted a Virtual Health Fair, where our 6th graders showcased their project presentations on the health issues prevalent in our community. The Health Fair Project, aimed to bring awareness to our health, forced our attention towards the environment around us, and stressed the importance of healthy eating habits.

Our students took on the roles of professionals like Nutritionist, Medical Professionals, Data Analyst, Event Coordinators, City Planners, and Chefs. They worked to find and provide research through the lens of these professionals and presented the solutions they believed could support our community.

6th Grade Intervention Teacher, Tiffany Brown says, “I’m very career oriented… I really like the approach of project based learning, and it is something I carried over from my last position…I find that it helps to engage the students more… This particular project allowed for the students to choose the roles that interested them the most, and to get a feel for what it’s like to work and think as that role.”

In addition, the Health Fair Project was supplemented by accounts of past students, real professionals, and documentaries to help direct our students in the right direction of thinking. Amazing work as always, we can’t wait to see what the rest of the year has in store!