I am a leader through asking the best of myself and others.


    I am gifted with a Unique Potential, and conscience is my guide to discovering it.


    I learn the most about myself by facing challenges and taking risks.


    I am responsible for my own learning.


    We believe in a power and a purpose beyond ourselves.


    I need a challenging and supportive community in which to develop my character.


    We achieve our best through character and conscience.


    Truth is our primary guide.


    We help others achieve their best.


    Each of us is gifted with a Unique Potential.

About Us

Hyde Leadership Charter School’s mission is to develop the deeper character and unique potential of each student. Using the Hyde process of Family-Based Character Education, Hyde will unite students, families, and teachers in helping each child achieve their best. Rigorous learning attitudes, leadership skills, and a social conscience lay the foundation for success in college and fulfillment in life.

The Hyde approach is unlike any other. We believe that all children, regardless of their neighborhood, race, or income, are gifted with special talents to offer the world, and that school is a place for students to develop the skills and mindsets needed to become their best selves. Furthermore, we assert that human beings are more complex than annual data points, and that the fulfillment of a person’s life correlates not simply to test scores, but even more so to their relationships with others and the content of their character.

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Hyde Elementary School (K-3) is a place where all learners begin to explore their unique potential in a safe, engaging and challenging environment. Through rigorous academics and a skills-based social-emotional program, students establish a joy and excitement for learning and character development.

Middle School

Hyde Middle School (4-8) inspires children toward academic achievement and excellent character. Clear, understandable and consistent content. We promote student-centered learning, rigorous instruction, and the cultivation of strong, trusting relationships with all members of our learning community.

High School

Hyde High School (9-12) is a college-preparatory school that seeks to develop the deeper character and unique potential of each student. Not only do Hyde graduates leave with the academic tools to succeed in college, but they leave with a new sense of self that drives them to be their best.

Our Upcoming Events

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of Hyde’s 2020 high school grads attended college this past fall.