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General User Policy

Hyde Leadership Charter School

Internet Acceptable Use Policy


It is the policy of Hyde Leadership Charter School that everyone in our school community use the Internet in a responsible manner and only for educational purposes and to conduct the business of the school. Accordingly, the school has established a policy for the use of the Internet along with rules governing the behavior of those who access the Internet. Those who do not comply with the standards of behavior outlined in this policy will lose their privilege of using the Internet at the school and/or be subject to other disciplinary action.

Acceptable Use

Hyde-Bronx will allow a student to access the Internet for educational purposes only, provided their parent or legal guardian and the student sign this form.

All members of the Hyde-Bronx community are expected to follow the measures cited in this policy to ensure the safety and security of the Internet and the school’s online community.

Responsible use of the Internet includes abiding by all laws, including copyright laws. It is unethical and unlawful to use or alter any data or communications posted on the Internet without the owner's or author’s permission. In addition, it is unethical and unlawful to alter, disclose, use, or disseminate anyone's personal information without their permission. Similarly, it is unethical and unlawful to commit fraud (like sending messages under an assumed identity) or harassment on the Internet.

Certain materials contained on the Internet are inappropriate to minors such as our students, and may be inappropriate for any user at this school. Hyde-Bronx has taken measures on the shared student account to restrict access to materials harmful to minors, including:

• Implementing Internet filtering;
• Requiring adult supervision during student use of the Internet, and
• Requiring parent/guardian and student signatures on this Internet Acceptable Use Policy Form. This form, or an updated version of it, must be signed each school year.
• In addition, students will not be issued Internet e-mail accounts.

All users shall

• adhere to the same standard of conduct expected and required in a classroom or other professional environment. This includes using only appropriate language when online and being careful to avoid any web site which may contain inappropriate contents and/or language, such as obscenity or pornography;
• follow appropriate procedures for care of computer equipment, such as proper opening and closing of programs, handling CD-ROM drives and electrical plugs;
• report violations of these rules to a member of the school’s management team;
• understand that all contents of files located on Hyde-Bronx equipment are considered the property of Hyde-Bronx and may be searched by the school’s administration at any time and for any reason without prior notice, and
• follow proper formats for citations of material from Internet sources.

In addition, Students shall:

• follow rules for using resources, time limits and printing instructions provided to them by their teachers;
• log off the system as soon as they are finished to provide others with the opportunity to access the system;

All users shall not:

• use the network for purposes other than what is intended, such as playing games,
• transmit (for example via e-mail or in chat rooms) any information or opinion which might be construed as representing the school without specific written authorization from the school’s administration,
• send chain letters, or
• tamper with equipment;

In addition, Students shall not:

• lend their login and password to anyone who is not a member of our school community;
• interfere with the ability of other users to make effective use of the school’s computer resources;
• intentionally damage the system;
• damage information belonging to someone else;
• access anyone else’s files or programs;
• install any applications (including computer programs) onto a Hyde-Bronx owned computer without permission and supervision from a member of the school’s faculty or staff, and
• communicate with other persons via computer without the express permission and supervision by a staff member.

Misuse of Privileges and Consequences

Users are held responsible for their actions and activity. Unacceptable use of the network will result in the suspension of all user privileges and may also result in further discipline. Reinstatement of privileges will be made at the discretion of the Administration.

I have read and agree to follow and adhere to the procedures outlined in this policy document.