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The Hyde Leadership Charter School, in partnership with Roberta Flack, offers a rigorous music program for its students. The program is called the Roberta Flack School of Music.

Roberta is a strong believer in inspiration as a catalyst for learning, and wants to offer the opportunity for young people to experience the magic and creativity that music can offer. Roberta's belief is totally consistent with Hyde's belief that each child is gifted with a unique potential. Through its family-based character education program, Hyde Leadership Charter School seeks to inspire children to strive for excellence in character, academics, sports and the performing arts.

Through the generosity of Roberta and her friends, the Hyde Leadership Charter School offers this rigorous music program to its students.

The Roberta Flack School of Music is funded entirely by private donation.

Donations for the Roberta Flack School of Music should be made to:

"Hyde Leadership Charter School"

and sent to

Hyde Leadership Charter School
Attention: Development 
730 Bryant Avenue
Bronx, NY 10474

Created on 6/8/2011 - Last updated on 4/9/2015