MS Lacrosse & HS Volleyball- Hyde’s Newest Sports

Character education lies at the heart of sports, and that is why Hyde is proud to announce the addition of two new sports to our athletic program: high school women’s volleyball and middle school boys’ lacrosse. These new sports are expanding options for students and allow more students to explore their unique potential.

Empowering Women Through Sports

Kimberly Rivera, a high school special education teacher, and her assistant coaches, Sika Bediako and Geomari Fernandez, founded Hyde’s first high school volleyball team. Since launching the team, Ms. Rivera has seen her student-athletes’ communication both on and off the court improve. She has also seen her students forge new relationships that have contributed to the team’s success. “The feeling of achievement pushes them to be better, which in turn has a ripple effect with their academics,” Ms. Rivera said. “It is very meaningful to have a space on campus where women can come together and support each other and work toward a common goal.”

The 2019 Hyde Women's Volleyball Team!

Hyde’s 2019 Volleyball Team!

Welcome to Hunts Point, Lacrosse! 

Hyde has also introduced a new sport to Hunts Point-  lacrosse. Michael Griffin, the middle school boys lacrosse coach, is excited to bring a new sports to Hyde students. Mr. Griffin said, ” when students are faced with new experiences, they are best able to show courage, and when students show courage, they learn what they can accomplish.” Lacrosse is also a sport that combines elements of many different sports that students enjoy like baseball, football, soccer, and basketball.

Hyde students in their first lacrosse game.

Hyde students at their first lacrosse game.

Most importantly, Mr. Griffin says he’s been thrilled to watch the valuable life lessons lacrosse has taught his players. “At the end of the day, winning or losing isn’t what’s important,” said seventh-grade lacrosse player, Enmanuel Hernandez. “Lacrosse has taught me so much about community. It is something that along with academics can take you to college. It fits in really well at Hyde because it has taught me a lot about concern and brother’s keeper for my teammates.”

Enmanuel Hernandez (middle) and his teammates Eric Rosario Jr. (left) and Edgar Garcia (right) take a break from practicing their skills at recess.

Enmanuel Hernandez (middle) and his teammates Eric Rosario Jr. (left) and Edgar Garcia (right) take a break from practicing their skills at recess.

Athletics don’t just provide students with fun and exercise, but they teach them the value of integrity and the importance of overcoming difficulty. Not only do Hyde coaches instruct the students on the fundamentals of the game, but they both feel that sports are one of the best ways for students to practice the Hyde Words and Principles. Mr. Griffin said: “Sports teach students invaluable life lessons. Sports lie at the heart of character education.”