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Intercurricular Synergy: Teaching Robotics in Middle School

What combines science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics? Robotics, of course! 7th Grade Science Teacher, Curtis Redmon found that teaching students robotics creates a perfect kind of synergy between many different school subjects. Mr. Redmon has found that students are able utilize many different tools learned in other subjects. The robotics programs also let students explore their […]

Hyde’s Summer Leap Program Enriches Academics and Ignites Passions

As Hyde’s Summer Leap Program concludes its fifth year, elementary school teachers continue to watch their students blossom. “We started the program because we want to make sure students are still learning over the summer and that all the great work teachers are doing is not lost over summer vacation,” said elementary school special education […]

Great Minds Think: Hyde Students Study At St. John’s Summer Academy

At the beginning of July, three rising Hyde seniors and one rising junior attended the St. John’s Summer Academy at St. John’s College in Annapolis, Maryland. The St. John’s Summer Academy is a college summer program for high school students that is modeled after St. John’s discussion-based, interdisciplinary method of teaching through books. It also serves […]

Leadership and Courage: The Hyde 101 New Faculty Retreat

At the end of August, new faculty embarked on a Hyde right of passage: Hyde 101. Hyde 101 is a Hyde signature practice where faculty communally explore their character on a three-day retreat. The purpose  is for faculty to engage in a reflective, restorative, and informational experience, so they return to Hyde with a deeper […]

Class of 2019 Rocks: Thomas Sturtevant’s Graduation Speech

At the beginning of your freshman year, Jalen Rice walked into my office and said, “Hey Mister, this is nice! …So much light!…. What’s with all those rocks?” She was referring to a collection of rocks that decorate my window sill and conference table. I replied to Jalen, “Those are my rocks; I have collected […]

How Will You Make History? Hyde Celebrates Black History Month

    3rd grader Starr Uwoghiren was especially excited for school on the morning of the Elementary School Black History Showcase. Not only was she emceeing the show, but she would be officiating the assembly in her traditional Ghanaian gown. “I wanted to wear it because I wanted to show people how it’s beautiful to […]