A Historic Partnership: Hyde Partners with the NYU Steinhardt Teacher Residency Program

Dr. Allan Powe and his mentor Melissa Powell help students in Biology

Hyde is proud to announce our new partnership with the NYU Steinhardt Teacher Residency Program, which allows NYU resident teachers to teach alongside Hyde mentor teachers while completing their degree in education. In turn, NYU is offering Hyde professional development opportunities and cutting edge educational technology tools. “The partnership enforces this idea at Hyde that teaching requires learning,” said Sarah Schoonmaker, the NYU-Hyde cite coordinator for the high school and the Director of Teaching and Learning. “As educators, our professional development never stops. NYU is teaching us new things, and our teachers are mentoring their fellows.” 

Hyde was selected by NYU for our focus on character education, rigorous academics, school culture, and commitment to an inclusive co-teaching model. Program coordinators from NYU were especially impressed by Hyde faculty’s ability to meet the needs of all students and our core belief that every child has a unique potential. Indeed, it was these components that initially drew NYU resident teacher Dr. Allan Powe to Hyde. He was especially drawn to Hyde because of our focus on character education, he said, “I believe that a focus on social-emotional learning can be transformational personally and academically, and so does Hyde.”

The Hyde-NYU partnership is just another way that Hyde continues to maintain its promise of academic excellence. This historic partnership reinforces Hyde’s promise to provide highly-qualified and motivated teachers, who are open to learning and growing along with their students. Speaking on the program, High School Director Celia Sosa said, “Our partnership with NYU continues to create a pipeline of great teachers. The alignment between NYU’s philosophy of education and Hyde’s mission and vision is clear. The training residents receive in the program, coupled with an ability to learn about our students, approach, and curriculum, prepares them to be effective teachers. The partnership also creates additional leadership opportunities for Hyde teachers, many of whom are eager and ready to take on the mentor role.” 

Fellow Marissa Ippolito engages one of her eighth-grade students, Xiomara Kirkland on the Revolutionary War. “What was the nickname the Americans gave the British troops, Xiomara? You got this!” (Spoiler: she got the answer right!)